Essential Water Storage Tank Accessories

Essential Water Storage Tank Accessories

Completing your purchase of a water storage tank with the appropriate accessories is crucial to the success of the system. Naturally, the selection of accessories depends on the intended purpose of the tank or system being put in place, as well as the budget and timeline you're working with for your project. Are you using the stored water for drinking and cooking? Irrigation and gardening? Household chores? Read on for accessories to include with your plastic tank for safety and success.

Whether for personal or commercial/business purposes, getting a water storage and distribution method in place for the purpose of gardening is going to save you time and money and make maintenance quicker and easier. Water storage tanks are used to supplement watering for when the weather isn't doing enough, ensuring that your plant material is getting the correct amount of water over time. Water storage tanks can also be used to connect to irrigation systems that use rainwater harvesting to save money and make watering more convenient.

(1) When dealing with the regular use of this collected or filled water, you'll find that a Water Level Indicator can help keep you constantly updated on your water levels. These gauges require almost no maintenance and are suitable for a wide variety of tanks.
(2) Water Storage Tank Lids - this might seem like an obvious choice, but tank lids are actually important for keeping out contaminants that you might not expect to see! This goes for indoor or outdoor water storage. Always keep your tank opening covered to avoid unwanted additions, such as bird droppings, fertilizer or pesticide residue, or any other number of substances that could fall in or be carried by the wind into your tank.
(3) If automatic irrigation is your goal, look into pumps and plumbing to make your system work for you. Depending on the amount of water being used and the space being irrigated, different pumps will suit your intended use.

Household Use/Chores

(1) If you're not using a lid for your tank, you'll certainly want to consider using a float valve. A float valve with help prevent the overfilling of your tank, especially in the case of heavy rainfall. If your rainwater harvesting system is connected to appliances like your washing machine for water use, a float valve can also shut off access to the water tank if the water levels are getting low, preventing your appliances from running dry.
(2) Similarly to gardening and irrigation, you'll also want to consider using a tank gauge to closely monitor water levels. This may be even more important in this case if this is for a residential property, as you'll want to make sure that you're collecting enough water and not at the risk of running dry.
(3) Your water storage tank is likely quite large if you're collecting rainwater for household chores, and some accessories are going to be required for certain processes. Typically, you'll need plumbing add-ons to your gutter system to ensure that water flows into the tank. You'll also need rain heads and diverters to help weed out as much of the undesirable material as possible. This is especially important if the water is being using for drinking or cooking.
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