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Tank Lids & Rings

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Tank Lids & Rings

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Manufactured from black HDPE for strength, durability and chemical resistance, our tank lives are available in solid, vented and hinged styles. Hinged lids are equipped with a unique locking tab that fits a padlock to prevent spills and theft. They also open a full 180 degrees and come complete with a baffle vent assembly allowing for bottom filling of your tank.

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Part #DescriptionWeight (lbs)
632662" MPT vent cap with poly screen<1
633162" MPT vent cap, anti-vortex, without screen<1
638453" MPT vent cap with poly screen<1
603225" Lid with ball check air vent (for tanks manufactured prior to 2/1/00)1
634845" Lid with ball check air vent (for tanks manufactured after 2/1/00)1
632645" Lid with 2"FPT (does not include vent cap)1
636735" Lid, hinged (for 52 /  68 USG flat bottom & 110 USG low profile tanks)1
60366EPDM gasket for 5" lid, 63264 or 63484<1
634808" Lid with blue snap-in vent1
63482Blue snap-in vent for 8" lid (63480)<1
600028" Lid with air vent1
6348516" Lid and ring with blue snap-in vent3
63539Blue snap-in vent for 16" lid (63485)<1
6386816" Lid and ring with 3" center thread3
6036516" Lid, ventless3
6001116" Lid with 4" center lid/air vent1
6001216" Ring only1
1015090G16" Lid ring with gasket1
62941Ethafoam gasket for 16" non-hinged lid<1
6253216" Hinged Lid - Complete lid assembly6
67374Strainer basket for 16" fill-opening (7"depth)
60081Stainless steel screw for 8" and 16" rings<1
6253118" Lanyard for 8" and 16" non-hinged lid (tethers lid to tank)<1
6367922" Lid and ring with air vent4
6386322" Lid, ventless with ring4
6387422" Hinged Lid - Complete lid assembly8

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