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PVC Float Shut-Off Valves

PVC Float Shut off Valves at BARR Plastics

PVC Float Shut-Off Valves

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Our PVC float shut-off valves come with hardware made with 18-8 stainless steel. Bodies are made of potable water approved (contact BARR for specifics) PVC and their replaceable seals are made of long-wearing, chemical resistant Santoprene® rubber. They feature extended threads on the inlet side of the valve for mounting through a tank wall and each valve comes complete with sealing washer and jam nut.

Part # PT0505187 has a .187" orifice with an estimated flow rate of 4.4 GPM at 20 PSI & 7.2 GPM at 60 PSI while part # PT050525 has a .25" orifice with an estimated flow rate of 7.7 GPM at 20 PSI & 12.5 GPM at 60 PSI. Part # PT0505312 has a .312" orifice with an estimated flow rate of 8 GPM at 20 PSI & 15 GPM at 60 PSI.

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Part # Size (in) Box/Case Qty. Description
PS3838- (STANDARD)3/8 NPT1
(Rod:SR8 Float:PF45)
PT3838- (BULKHEAD)3/8 NPT1(Rod:SR8 Float:PF45)
PT0505-(BULKHEAD)1/2 NPT1(Rod:SR8 Float:PF45)
PS0505- (STANDARD)1/2 NPT1(Rod:SR8 Float:PF4f)
(Rod:SR12 Float:PF06)
PT75SS (BULKHEAD)3/4 MIP1(Rod:SR12 Float:PF06)
PS75LS (STANDARD)3/4 MIP1(Rod:SR12 Float:PF45)
PT75LS (BULKHEAD)3/4 MIP1(Rod:SR12 Float:PF45)
PS100SS (STANDARD)1 MIP1(Rod:SR12 Float:PF06/PF08)
PT100SS (BULKHEAD)1 MIP1 (Rod:SR12 Float:PF06/PF08)
PS125SS (STANDARD)1-1/4 MIP1(Rod:SR16 Float:PF08)
PS150SS (STANDARD)1-1.2 MIP1(Rod:SR16 Float:PF08)
PF454x5"(oval)1Float Ball-Use with PT75LS, PS3838, PT3838, PS0505 and PT0505
PF066"(dia)1Float Ball-Use with all 3/4" and 1" Valves
PF088"(dia)Float Ball-Use PS125SS, PS150SS, PS100SS and PT100SS
SR088" (length), 1/4" (dia)1For use with PS3838, PT3838, PT0505 and PS0505
SR1212" (length), 1/4" (dia)1For use with PS75SS,PT75SS, PS75LS, PT75LS, PS100SS and PT100SS
SR1616" (length), 1/4" (dia)1For use with PS150SS and PS125SS

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