Get Prepared for Wine Harvesting Season

Get Prepared for Wine Harvesting Season

Ready for BC's wine harvest?

This year is bringing an uncertain harvest as Okanagan wineries in particular battle the smoky conditions that threaten to harm crops. Residue has the potential to harm sections of the crops in the Interior's most affected regions.

Some wineries have been taking a pro-active approach by incorporating refining agents or government-approved agricultural sprays to protect the grapes from incoming smoke. As wineries work to mitigate these unfortunate conditions, wine harvesting equipment suppliers are also on standby to provide equipment as needed.

The harvesting and transport stage of the wine harvesting process requires large, open-top totes for maximum efficiency. At this point, the grapes are being collected in mass, fully intact with stems and leaves still sometimes attached.

The Harvesting Process

During this time, bins should meet specific criteria to keep product sanitary - while this isn't necessarily required, having the correct bins can help keep your product safe and can improve the quality of your overall harvest.

Bins used at this stage should first be manufactured with FDA-approved materials. FDA-compliance includes specifically food safe, high-density polyethylene - bins must also be fully recyclable and freezer safe. These criteria allow a safer and more sanitary environment for food to be transported in, as opposed to more traditional wooden bins. The avoidance of wooden bins means no splinters, mold, or pests to worry about.

Vented or Solid Bins?

Vented or solid bins can be used at this point depending on the needs of the winery. Both are appropriate for harvest but have different advantages.

Solid containers are a great choice if you're looking for an all-purpose solution. These bins are easy to clean and to keep sanitary due to the smooth walls and are also ideal for better packout. Solid bins also have uses beyond just hauling grapes that make them a great investment - in the off season they can be used for grain, additional fruits and vegetables, or can also be used for the fermenting process as well.

Vented containers also hold their own advantages. Vented bins are typically better for use in humid environments; holes on the bottom and sides allow for better ventilation. This speeds up cooling and processing times substantially.

Solid Bin Options

Big Box Utility Bins
These popular bins are available as 2-way or 4-way entry for easy forklift/pallet jack transport options. The smooth interior allows for easy cleaning and rinsing and will not absorb odors. Manufactured with FDA-approved 100% recyclable HDPE, these bins can withstand extreme temperatures of -30° to 50°. We offer two sizing options - from 13.8 to 25.8 cubic feet - with grey or black colours available.

Big Box Utility Storage Bins | BARR Plastics Inc.

Tra-Totes & Versa Totes
Versa Totes, also solid bins, are an even more versatile option. Available in a wide range of colours (grey, blue, red, green, orange, black, and yellow), Versa Totes can be used in many applications beyond wine harvesting - these totes are suitable for handling and processing seafood, meat, and poultry in addition to fruits and vegetables.

These totes are also a more budget friendly option that offer many of the same important features as our other harvesting bins; all totes have 4-way forklift and pallet jack entry and offer an anti-jam stop at the bottom. Totes are available only in 24 cubic ft. capacity.

Versa Totes | BARR Plastics Inc.

Solid Wall Pro Bins
Similarly to the Big Box Utility Storage Bins, these bins are a one-piece injection-molded bulk container with solid, smooth walls. Avoid splinters and dehydration with these lightweight, strong bins. Available in a wider range of capacities (16 cu. ft. - 54 cu. ft.) these are currently available exclusively in truckload quantities.

These are also an FDA-approved bin, featuring rounded corners for easy materials transfer.

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