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Versa Totes

Versa Totes

Versa Totes

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Versa Totes are great for a variety of materials handling applications including field agricultural harvesting, seafood, meat, poultry, processed food and recycling. These FDA-approved containers are budget-friendly, easy to clean, have an anti-jam stop at the bottom, constructed as one piece with molded in legs and a 4-way forklift and pallet jack entry. Lid is included.

Colours Available with a minimum order quantity (Extra Charges may apply): Grey, Blue, Red, Forest Green, Orange, Black & Yellow

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Item / DescriptionCapacityWidth OD/IDLength OD/IDHeight OD/IDMaterialTare WeightPart # / Drawing
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
Versa Tote180680241000 / 454414929POLYETHYLENE80 lbsVT1200
Heavy Duty Versa Tote180680241500 / 680414929POLYETHYLENE98 lbsVT1200HD
Versa Tote (Molded Base)160605211000 / 454455230POLYETHYLENE80 lbsSP160S
Heavy Duty Versa Tote (Molded Base)160605211500 / 680455230POLYETHYLENE95 lbsSP160SHD
Versa Tote (Flat Bottom - 7 Leg Base)160605211500 / 680455231POLYETHYLENE110 lbsSP160F
Versa Tote (Flat Bottom - Roll Over Base)160605211500 / 680453229POLYETHYLENE113 lbsSP160R
Versa Tote (Molded Base)230870302000 / 907455239POLYETHYLENE118 lbsSP230S
Versa Tote (Flat Bottom - 7 Leg Base)230870302000 / 907455241POLYETHYLENE136 lbsSP230F
Versa Tote (Flat Bottom - Roll Over Base)230870302000 / 907455242POLYETHYLENE141 lbsSP230R
Versa Tote (Molded Base)3001135402000 / 907455248POLYETHYLENE147 lbsSP300S
Versa Tote (Flat Bottom - 7 Leg Base)3001135402000 / 907455250POLYETHYLENE170 lbsSP300F
Versa Tote (Flat Bottom - Roll Over Base)3001135402000 / 907455251POLYETHYLENE175 lbsSP300R