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Big Box Utility Storage Bins

BF42292800 Black Big Box Utility Storage Bins at BARR Plastics

Big Box Utility Storage Bins

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Manufactured of FDA-approved, 100% recyclable HDPE, the Big Box containers are able to withstand exposure to sunlight and cooling processes, resist impact and moisture, and will not splinter, rot or absorb odours. They can be used in temperatures of -30° to 50° C and are backed by a one-year limited warranty.
Their easy-to-clean interiors and two-way or four-way entry options (depending on model), make them an ideal option for a variety of industries, including agriculture. Reinforced sides allow maximum strength and durability for secure stacking, and BARR can customize these containers to suit your specific needs.

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Item / DescriptionCapacityWidth (in) OD/ID
Length (in) OD/ID
Height (in) OD/ID
MaterialTare Weight (lbs)
Part # / Drawing
Cubic FeetLbs/Kgs
2-way entry
13.8900 / 40830 / 2742 / 3928 / 22BlackPolyethylene70.4
4-way entry
25.8700 / 31843.8 / 4247.9 / 45.629.25 / 23.4Black Polyethylene95


Description Dimensions Tare Weight Part #
Lid for BF42292800B (Black Polyethylene)42"30"3"21 lbsTL42290400B
Lid for BF48442900B (Black Polyethylene)49"45"3"15 lbsTL48440300B