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Low Profile GRAF Platin Tanks

GRAF Platin Low Profile Tanks at BARR Plastics

Low Profile GRAF Platin Tanks

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The Platin tank from GRAF combines its signature quality in a new, low-profile design. Minimizing the installation depth makes for a faster installation and therefore reduces cost. This package can be customized to suit your needs with either a Minimax Pro internal filter chamber or a Universal 3 external filter. Available with either the standard pedestrian loading lid or a cast iron vehicle loading lid. Its rugged design is paired with lightweight material to ensure easy handing and its 15 year warranty has you covered if anything were to happen.

The Platin series of tanks can be connected in a modular fashion to expand storage which adds significantly to its lifespan. Platin Tanks are a one of kind product that can fit under driveways and sloped surfaces,  ideal for installing highly beneficial Rainwater Harvesting Systems in urban residential areas and developments.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingDia./ WidthLengthHeight(Tank Shoulder)Height (Dome Collar)Lid/Fill OpeningWeight (lbs)
USGIGLTRPremium Weight 1.5-1.7 SGHeavy Weight 1.9 SG
4003301500N/A 39000050" 83"27"12"24" &various fitting locations176
132011005000N/A39000290" 114"37"12""530
198016507500N/A39000589" 142"50"12""795