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GRAF Carat S Belowground Tanks

GRAF Carat S Belowground Plastic Tanks at BARR Plastics

GRAF Carat S Belowground Tanks

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The Carat S is a unique plastic tank line that is manufactured to consistent, tight tolerances resulting in a product that is of the highest quality, strength, reliability and versatility. Unlike other below ground plastic tank lines, the Carat tank wall thickness is equal all around and is made from Duralen®, a high-quality food grade polypropylene material that is extremely rigid and impact resistant, therefore ideally suited for producing underground tanks. Carat S Tanks carry a 15 year manufacturers warranty against defect and Duralen® can be easily recycled which reduces waste and its impact on the environment. The Carat S tank line can be outfitted with packaged rainwater, non-potable water and wastewater systems, easily installed before or after delivery to site.

What Makes This Tank Special:

  • Suitable for H5 vehicle loading up to 3.5 metric tons or approx. 8000 lbs. per axle.
  • Suitable for burial depths up to 1.53 meters or approx. 5 feet – ideal for colder climates.
  • Suitable for areas with occasional high water table up to mid tank level when tank is empty.
  • Lowest shipping and handling cost of any tank line
  • Multiple fitting locations and internal baffle configurations allowing for easy linking of tanks for higher volume and for customized applications.
  • Multi-adjustable manway assembly with unique telescoping top shaft that allows for vertical height adjustment of approx. 12 inches (0.3 m), and comes with high quality reliable seals. The telescoping shaft is topped off with a durable pp. lid (cast iron for vehicle loading) and outer flange that adjusts to up to a 5 degree slope and sits flush with the finished grade.
  • Highly accurate and consistent components provide ease of fit every time.
  • Highly competitive with and advantageous over concrete vessels.
  • The Carat Tank Dome or manway shaft base section is 24” high and the telescoping dome shaft section can add 12” more height adjustability. Add the extension sectionto provide for a further 18” - for a max. 54” burial depth
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Graf HD Holding Tanks
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CapacityPart # / DrawingDia./ Width (in)Length (in)Height (in)Lid/Fill Opening (in)Fitting (in)Weight (lbs)
USGIGLTRPremium Weight 1.5-1.7 SGHeavy Weight 1.9 SG
170014166500Extension Tank372014869482.731.5N/A490

GRAF HD Holding Tank Domes
Part #DescriptionWeight (lbs)
375041Carat S Tank Dome Mini W/O Sealing SetN/A
3375040Carat S Tank Dome Maxi W/O Sealing SetN/A
371010Mini Telescopic Dome Shaft Green with PP Lid, suitable for pedestrian loading13.2
371011Maxi Telescopic Dome Shaft Green with PP Lid, suitable for pedestrian loading.28.7
371020Telescopic Dome Shaft with Cast Iron Lid, suitable for vehicle loading.N/A
371009Carat Tank Dome Micro w/ Lid (Seal# 330210 Required)N/A
375043Mini / Maxi Tank Dome Sealing Set
330200Profile Gasket 600mm For Telescopic Dome Shaft1 pc included in 375043
330210Carat Tank to Tank Dome Seal1 pc included in 375043
3320334 in. SCH 40 Pipe Seal DN 100 Black - Wall Thickness 9-13mm5 pcs Included in 375043
3306124 in. Tank Dome Inlet Plug (Sleeve Socket DN 110)5 pcs Included in 375043

Graf HD Holding Tank Accessories
Part #DescriptionWeight (lbs)
340022Universal-Filter 3 Internal9.5
340037Optimax-Pro® Filter Internal with curved outlet6.6
340060Minimax-Filter 3 Internal5.5
202030Overflow Siphon DN 100 with rodent guardN/A
330108Overflow Siphon DN 100N/A
330140Calmed Inlet PotN/A
617654 in. Rubber SDR35 Pipe Grommet 1" HUB (Tank Dome Use Only)N/A
322001127mm Hole Saw For DN 100 Pipe SealN/A
375077Tank Baffle for Carat SN/A
371003Extension Carat SN/A
371049Aligning Pegs For Carat S TankN/A
N/A1 pc. Carat S Quick Connection SetN/A
37105125 pcs. Carat S Quick Connection SetN/A
37104650 pcs. Carat S Quick Connection SetN/A