Thank you to our clients!

Thank you to our clients!

We want to take an opportunity to thank ALL of our clients, both in-person and online, for your continued support and your respect for our social distancing guidelines. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the daily operations of nearly all business operations, large and small; even Canada's population, relatively small on a world scale, has been deeply affected.

We have been strictly adhering to the guidelines set out by the BC provincial government; as a result, there has been a halt on the usual business and movement in our offices. However, that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! We've been transitioning to an online setting for more of our operations, while the actions that must take place in person, such as shipping and receiving, have been moved to a safer approach that ensures sanitization of surfaces and distance maintained between staff.

Online orders, and any business that can be done over the phone, is still the absolute safest method of purchasing for our customers to do right now. We greatly appreciate that our clients have made the transition to remote purchases and remote resolution of other business. We are very grateful to be continuing operations and fulfilling orders even as the pandemic continues to create difficult barriers.

Some of our products are offered through our Amazon.ca storefront. This is a great way to purchase small items such as rainwater harvesting or dock accessories and maintain a contact-free workspace for everyone. If your project requires items that are not offered through our Amazon store, please contact us and a dedicated salesperson will be happy to facilitate a safe way to purchase our specialty or custom products.

Once again, THANK YOU to our fantastic clients! Please stay safe and healthy as we continue to move forward during this time.

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