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Used Economy Cage Totes

Used Economy Cage Totes

Used Economy Cage Totes

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These used totes range from units used once to multiple times and can have the odd ding on the cage, but are generally in good condition and may have been rinsed clean or contain some surface residue depending what was previously stored in them. BARR does not handle totes that have handled paints, petroleum products, difficult or hazardous chemicals unless they have been completely and properly cleaned and rinsed inside. Some used totes may contain small amounts of food and beverage ingredients.

A variety of adapter inlet and outlet fittings and vents are available from BARR. Bottom Drain Valve fitting adapters (commonly 2” size) need to be chosen after the specific totes are chosen as the used totes can come with a variety of different fitting types. A variety of bases are also available, as these totes are sources from multiple manufacturers and could have wood, steel, composite, or other bases.

Availability: full truckloads or less, from BARR Plastics facility (BC, Canada).

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Capacity Part # / Drawing Dia./ Width Length Height Fill/Discharge Opening Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
27523010401000L-UTN/A40"48"46"Fill 6" / Discharge 2"144
33027512501250L-UTN/A40"48"46"Fill 6" / Discharge 2"144

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