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Leaf Eater Original

Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater Original front view product only

Leaf Eater Original

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The Leaf Eater™ Original is a practical, reliable, and quick-to-install rain head. This classic design keeps leaves, small bugs like mosquitoes, and other insects out of your downpipes. The dual-screen system on the Leaf Eater™ Original reduces outside contamination and leaves you with cleaner, clearer water.

The upper screen keeps out large debris, such as leaves, allow the water to flow uninterrupted and helping to minimize "splash-loss" that occurs when water is accidentally diverted from flowing into the pipe by other debris. This system allows a smoother flow of water to ensure maximum water entering your collection tank. This rain head can be mounted directly underneath your gutters or, in dry systems, closer to the ground.

Made with paintable PVC - customize to match your property easily!

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RHLE993"43" (SCH40 fitment) Leaf Eater Original

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