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Vented Wall MacroBin Containers

Vented Wall Macro Bins at BARR Plastics

Vented Wall MacroBin Containers

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FDA-approved food grade polypropylene MacroBins were primarily designed for agriculture, to be used throughout every stage of the handling process: harvest, storage, processing, and shipping. Today, these bins have proven to be capable to transport a wide variety of items such as: Raw materials, equipment, products and more.

Featuring multiple ventilation slots to facilitate the use of thermal fogging, reduce heat absorption, and help your products cool down faster in the hydro-cooler. Thanks to their smooth rounded corners and one-piece construction, MacroBins are easy to clean with less risk of contamination to your products. Their nonporous surface also won't absorb water and dehydrate your products as would wood bins, and they keep a consistent tare weight throughout their use.

All bins below are ivory unless noted otherwise. Other bin colors are available at an additional cost.

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Part # / DrawingCapacityWidth OD/ID (in)
Length OD/ID (in)
Height OD/ID (in)
MaterialTare Weight
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
12-FV933521250048 / 45-1/445 / 42-1/216-1/2 / 12FDA Approved PP57 lbs
14-FV983711350047 / 44-3/447-3/4 / 45-1/416-1/2 / 12FDA Approved PP58.5 lbs
16-FV12045416120047-1/8 / 43-3/447-1/8 / 43-3/421-1/2 / 15-5/8FDA Approved PP78.5 lbs
24-FV17666623.5120047-1/8 / 4447-1/8 / 4428-1/2 / 22-1/4FDA Approved PP89.5 lbs
26-FV21581429130047-3/4 / 44-3/847-3/4 / 44-1/228-1/2 / 24FDA Approved PP87.5 lbs
28-FV24090832130049 / 4649 / 4630-5/8 / 25-5/8FDA Approved PP93.5 lbs
32-FV20376827130048-1/4 / 45-1/841-5/8 / 44-3/429-7/8 / 24-3/8FDA Approved PP86.5 lbs
33-FV22585230110048-1/4 / 4645-3/4 / 42-7/830-1/2 / 25-3/4FDA Approved PP90 lbs
34-FV24392032130048-1/4 / 45-1/444-3/4 / 41-5/834-5/8 / 29-3/8FDA Approved PP96 lbs
48-FV407154154300048-1/8 / 44-7/848-1/8 / 44-7/852-1/2 / 46-1/2FDA Approved PP180 lbs

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