Frequently asked questions

Brine Making, Handling & Spray Systems

How much salt is required for a batch of Salt Brine Solution?

To make 1 - 275 gal. batch of 23% Salt Brine Solution, approx. 635 lbs of road salt is required approx. 12-13 50 lb. bags which is approx. 1/4 of the capacity of the tank that comes with the BMBA275 Brine Maker / Sprayer Combo unit.

How long does it take to mix the solution?

Approx. 15 - 20 mins. per 275 gal batch, but if you set the machine to make brine then part of this time is salt and water filling time, so once the tank is completely filled (25% salt and 75% water) you would already be at least 5-10 mins. into the brine mixing time, so only an additional 5-10 more minutes mixing time would be needed. The machine can also be set to mix a batch while you are mobile or heading to a job site.

Can I put calcium in here and do the same thing as the salt brine?

We are not able to advise on using the machine to make straight CaCl Brine solution but you could make a 75% full batch of brine solution first and add and mix in and top up the remaining 25% of the tank with liquid CaCl brine. Mix the combined solution thoroughly prior to spraying. We recommend using a mixed solution of 75% NaCl brine with 25% CaCl brine for lower temp. applications and always adding the CaCl solution to the Brine in 75 / 25 proportion. For example, adding equal parts NaCl solution to CaCl solution can cause solids to form and clogging of pump and lines.

How long does it take to get one when I order?

2-4 weeks for production and one week to 10 days for lining up best shipping method and transit time. Please contact us for more information regarding wait times, as your location may change the expected transit time.