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CSAB66 Norwesco Low Profile HD Septic Tanks

Heavy Duty Low Profile Septic Tanks at BARR Plastics

CSAB66 Norwesco Low Profile HD Septic Tanks

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This tough low profile tank, introduced to the North American market in 2012, can be used as a CSA approved septic tank, holding tank, pump chamber, or cistern for non-potable water applications such as rainwater collection, stormwater management or fire protection. Heavy duty and rotationally-molded in one piece, it provides leak-free reliability. Furthermore, they come with the baffle wall and fitting holes already in-place, reducing installation time and effort.

Inlet and outlet tees and pipe seals are included and accept 4” PVC sewer drain piping. Two to 20” diameter access openings and lids accept Norwesco manhole extension, double-wall corrugated pipe and ribbed PVC pipe.

Native backfill materials can be used (absolutely no clay or water saturated soils) but a sandy gravel mixture is recommended. May be installed with minimum 6” to max. 36” of cover above top of tank. Contact BARR for advice on deeper burial if required. and refer to installation manual as needed.

Water filling these tanks during backfilling, while not absolutely required, is still highly recommended to properly bed the tank and hold it in place. The tank, manway assembly and piping should always be water tested prior to completely backfilling anyway. Tanks may be pumped-out when water table is at or below the bottom of the tank.

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Low Profile Heavy Duty Septic Tanks
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Capacity Part #/ Drawing Dia./ Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Lid/Fill Opening (in) Weight (lbs)
1000833378542405 (single chamber) 60127 51 2 - 20 357
1000833378543517 (dual chamber) 60127 51 2 - 20 357
12501041473243519 (single chamber) 60157 51 2 - 20 423
12501041473243503 (dual chamber) 60157 51 2 - 20 423
15001249567843518 (single chamber) 6915751 2 - 20 581
15001249567843504 (dual chamber) 6915751 2 - 20 581
* = Part numbers vary due to location, Please contact BARR for information.
+ = Dual chamber product
Part # (US) Part # (CA) Size (in) Description Weight (lbs)
6383264233 6 H x 20 DLow Profile Manhole Extension9
6383364192 15 H x 20 D Low Profile Manhole Extension 13
6398463984 24 H x 20 D Low Profile Manhole Extension 15
63672N/A20 DLow Profile Septic/Cistern tank lid with gasket 3
62406 N/A#14 x 1-1/4 SS self tapping screw - 4 needed for #62408 lid<1
63151 N/AN/ASeptic Adapter SDR35 with nut & EPDM Gasket3
63152 N/AN/A Septic Adapter SCH40 with nut & EPDM gasket 4

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