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Narrow Profile Storage Tanks

Narrow Profile Rain water storage tanks at BARR Plastics

Narrow Profile Storage Tanks

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Aligned to the side of your house, our narrow profile tanks are perfect for those wanting to collect a ton of rain in a smaller amount of space. 3 sizes are available in opaque forest green colour that blocks out sunlight, thereby preventing algae growth within the tank.  This style of tank is available in white as well,   in a variety of sizes ranging from 250 USG to 1000 USG sizes – all are 31” wide or less (except for the 1000 gal. size at 40")  and designed to fit through a standard doorway and also fit nicely against walls and into corners while still providing a stable self-supporting base. Freestanding and self-supporting - no need for steel support frame except for 41015.  Tanks can be connected together at the bottom to add capacity.

Add a Rain Harvesting pre-filter and first flush diverter and accessories to connect your roof gutter to your tank and clean the rainwater before it reaches the tank and start collection and use of rainwater right away.

BARR has a variety of other accessories for your system,  such as pumps,  level gauges,  hose, fittings, piping , etc.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingDia./ Width (in)
Length (in)
Height (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
Fitting Weight (lbs) Availability
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
14011552241205  Sq. Vert.N/A24"24"60"16"1-1/4"E
2752301045*41199 Frame Incl.N/A24"48"60"16"No Ftg.E
250208946SP0250-UT-G (Green)N/A29"62"42"161-1/4"113WA
3002501136SP0300-UT-G (Green)N/A29"62"53"161-1/4"159WA
400330150041190  RibbedN/A32"44"83"16"1-1/4"E
400330150044361 - DK GRNN/A29"64"67.5"16"1-1/4"WA
4003301514SP0400-UT-G (Green)N/A296265161-1/4"207WA
400330151443856N/A29"70"66"16"1-1/4"N/AWA New
400330151444280 - BLKN/A29"62"64"16"1-1/4"183E
4203501590*41015 Frame Incl.N/A30"61"64"16"No Ftg.E
* = With steel support frame.
All Tanks above shown with a fitting are also available without a fitting with a different Part #.