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Level Indicators & Sight Gauges

Tank Level Indicators and Sight Gauges at BARR Plastics

Level Indicators & Sight Gauges

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Wireless Tank Gauges

The Economical Wireless Level Indicator lets you enjoy the convenience of monitoring tank levels from inside your home. The indoor monitor features a digital LCD screen for easy reading and an indicator gauge mounted on the tank as well to see tank level when standing by tank. The monitor can be located up to 100 metres away from the tank and plugged directly into any power outlet in your house. Quick and easy installation of level transmitter and monitor with a fully wireless 2 component system.

Simple Tank Gauges

This easy to install tank gauge is suitable for all vented tanks up to 100" in height. The easy to read display dial gauge has a weighted float suspended on a retractable string line to provide accurate readings. It's a great corrosion-resistant, economical and high quality tank level indicator for your tank monitoring needs.

Sight Gauges

The simple external sight tube allows tank levels to be monitored easily. Assembled easily, they're made of basic standard plastic components but are custom-sized specifically for the tank they are to be installed on. Mostly used for water, rainwater and wastewater applications.

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Part # Description Weight (lbs)
TATG02Float style Tank Level Monitor for Tanks up to 100" in height 1
351013GRAF Digital Level Indicator  (call for info)2

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