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Leaf Eaters®

Leaf Eater Original at BARR Plastics

Leaf Eaters®

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Leaf Eaters offer the ultimate high performance economical choice of rain heads for heavy rainfall areas. Designed to filter out debris you can see and prevent them from entering a storage tank or clogging the drainage system, they are normally mounted on the wall below the gutter and just above the top height of your tank.

A Flush Downpipe Diverter chamber is usually installed just below the Leaf Eater Filter as a secondary cleaning device that removes much of the finer debris that you can't easily see to ensure that only the cleanest water is entering your storage tank(s).

Leaf Eaters are the #1 choice for above ground rainwater filtering devices in the world, so you can be assured that you are choosing the ideal and best performing product for this application.

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Part #
Box/Case Qty. Description
RHLE993"43" Round Leaf Eater Original
RHAD993"123" Leaf Eater Advanced
RHAD984"124" Leaf Eater Advanced
RHUL993"63" Leaf Eater Ultra
RHUL984"64" Leaf Eater Ultra
RHAC998Leaf Eater Original Upgrade Screen

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