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GRAF Ecobloc Smart Stormwater Block

GRAF EcoBloc smart single block with baseplate

GRAF Ecobloc Smart Stormwater Block

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Introducing the next generation of GRAF infiltration ditch modules. The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart is a versatile system, able to be used for stormwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting.

The patented design offers space-saving advantages throughout the logistics chain, saving considerably on storage and shipping. These blocks are also designed to be labour-saving through simple and effortless installation; the straightforward "click"-together system enables faster assembly than ever before with less effort.

Even under extreme loads, this innovative system can be installed at a depth of up to 7.5 m depending which block model is used, giving you more versatility than any other EcoBloc system before. Choose from the Smart, Smart Plus, or Smart Ultra block for varying installation depths and storage volumes (see Product Brochure for details).

The system is also easily inspected and cleaned at high pressure via the standard inspection channel, features connections up to DN600, and is designed for a service life of over 50 years.

Are you an engineer or designer?

Contact us (via our contact form or by phone) for technical specification and system design documentation to integrate Ecobloc into your stormwater drainage plan!

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Part # / Model Size Description Weight (lbs)
40250031" x 31" x 13"
(800 x 800 x 330mm)
GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart (1 Module) (56 USG / 211L)22
40253031" x 31" x 13"GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart Plus (1 Module) (56 USG / 211L)25
40256031" x 31" x 13"GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart Ultra (1 Module) (56 USG / 211L)26
40256031" x 31" x 1.6"GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart Baseplate9
402503N/AGRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart End Plates (Set of 2)N/A
402028N/AGRAF EcoBloc Connectors (Set of 25)N/A
369017Deaeration EndN/A

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