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GRAF Ecobloc Flex Stormwater Block

Graf Eco Bloc Flex Modular Rainwater Detention Solution at BARR PLastics

GRAF Ecobloc Flex Stormwater Block

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The GRAF EcoBloc Flex is a versatile system, able to be used for stormwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting. Shipping is cost-efficient, as the modular system’s two halves can be stacked, one inside the other.Even under very heavy loads, the EcoBloc system can be installed at a depth of up to 16.5 feet. Up to 14 layers are possible and the system can withstand a capacity of 60 tons. Note: the system size and load bearing can be adjusted individually to suit requirements of traffic and non-traffic areas. Designed to have high rate of percolation and barrier-free inspection,the EcoBloc has 4", 6" and 8" connections on all sides. 4" connections are positioned eccentrically at the side for complete de-aeration The system is easily cleaned by pressure washing and designed for a service life of over 50 years

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Part # / Model Size Description Weight (lbs)
40200531" x 31" x 12"
GRAF EcoBloc Flex (1 Module)(55 USG / 205L)17.6
40200631" x 31" x 1.5"GRAF EcoBloc Baseplate (6.6 USG / 25 L)N/A
402002N/AGRAF EcoBloc End Plates (Set of 2)N/A
402028N/AGRAF EcoBloc Connectors (Set of 25)N/A
369017Deaeration EndN/A

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