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Fuel Tanks

BARR Fuel Tanks 6 USG Capacity

Fuel Tanks

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Typically used as a fuel tank on power equipment, these specialty tanks are rectangular tanks made for indoor or outdoor, stationary or transportable applications. They are suitable for gasoline and diesel fuels and come with a bottom 1/4 “ FNPT Brass fitting. They are ideal for increasing the fuel capacity for common gas and diesel powered equipment such as pumps and generators.

Tanks are manufactured from high-density cross-linked polyethylene with U.V. stabilizers and are available in natural and black colors.

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Capacity Part # / DrawingDia./ Width (in)
Length (in)
Height (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
Fitting (in)
Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG

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