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Fibreglass Dock Boxes

Fiberglass Dock Boxes at BARR Plastics

Fibreglass Dock Boxes

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These fibreglass dock boxes are built tough. With a UV gel coat finish and stainless steel lockable latch and hardware, these are sure to hold up in the harshest marine environments. Their shocks key your lid open on rocking docks and in higher wind areas, allowing for a slower, more controlled closing. Constructed with a smooth interior finish so you will never get splinters when handling and storing.

BARR Plastics can also make dock boxes custom to your specific needs. Call us at 1-800-665-4499 to discuss your design.

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Part # / Model Size(in) [LxWxH] Description
8355185 x 22 x 24Large - Standard Fibreglass Dock Box
8356172 x 33 x 27Triangular Fibreglass Dock Box
8356254 x 22 x 24
Small - Standard Fibreglass Dock Box
8355272 x 23 x 24
Medium - Standard Fibreglass Dock Box
8355346 x 26 x 27
Deep Small - Standard Fibreglass Dock Box
8355472 x 26 x 27
Deep Medium - Standard Fibreglass Dock Box
8355040 x 19 x 20
Small - Low-profile Fibreglass Dock Box
8355748 x 20 x 18
Medium-Low-profile Fibreglass dock box
8355646 x 26 x 27
Small-Top-seat Fibreglass Dock Box
8355572 x 29 x 29
Large - Top-seat Fibreglass Dock Box

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