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Piusi Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Pump Packages & Accessories

DEF Dispensing Accessories at BARR Plastics, in Abbotsford, BC
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Part # Description Weight
F00201A1CSuzzrablue Pro DEF Pump Package w/ K24 Meter & Premium Dispensing Nozzle35 lbs
F00201A2CSuzzrablue Basic DEF Pump Package w/ Dispensing Nozzle (No Meter)29 lbs


Part # Description Weight
F1536000B RSV Closed System Dispensing Couplers (1 x Male & 1 x Female) w/ EPDM Seal & Hose Barb Connection N/A
760DOTV Combination Pressure / Vacuum Vent Valve w/ Viton Gasket, 4.0PSI Pressure Relief N/A
TF220B Bulkhead 2" HD Bulkhead Fitting w/ Buttress Thread N/A

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