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Municipal Brine Makers

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Take full control of your City’s liquid de-icing program and save significantly on the cost of a purchased and delivered brine. Make your own salt brine solution for as little as four cents a litre (15 cents per US gallon)** with the BARR SBS750 Brine Maker. No other system at a similar price range can compare in value, simplicity and output - we guarantee it.

The SBS750 is a complete brine production and handling system that can easily be connected to storage tanks or used by itself. It comes pre-assembled, so with just a few hose connections (and power for the pump), you can be in operation. This system has the highest capacity production available – rated at a minimum of 6,000 gallons per hour of 23% salt brine solution. Paired with ultra–simple operation, it is suitable for a wide variety of operators with some basic instruction.

The integrated float shut-off valve stops the flow of water when both the brine maker and batch tank are completely full. An integrated recirculation system is included if, for any reason, brine concentration was to drop off. The hoppers are manufactured with all durable, highly corrosion-resistant, long-life materials such as UV protected HDPE plastic and 316 stainless steel. They come standard with a 2”, 2 HP on-board stainless steel high flow (90 – 110 GPM actual) brine pump specifically designed to handle the weight of brine and the significant dirt content often found in typical road salt. A pump inlet strainer is also included to keep larger debris out of pump and storage tank(s).

Salt level is visible through the brine maker to monitor operating levels. To make the brine, just add salt and turn on the water – no agitation, power or continuous monitoring is required and when testing of the solution is required, both the brine maker and the batch tanks are fitted with sampling taps for easy sampling of brine concentration at any stage of the brine making process.

The included 1,550 gallon batch tank serves as a quality control vessel and additional standing storage as well. The SBS750 Brine Maker can be used as a Plug & Play, stand-alone system to supply one to three brine sprayer units or be connected to storage tanks for larger operations with multiple high volume trucks.

From a significant amount of field testing and operator feedback and suggestions over the past 14 years, BARR has created a brine maker design that beats all others in value, simplicity of use and operation, durability and service life, production capacity and lowest cost per gallon produced.

** Based on all associated costs in a study done by BARR in conjunction with multiple customers who own and operate an SBS750 Brine Maker.
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  • Owning a BARR brine maker allows you to take full control of your snow and ice control program and greatly reduce costs and availability of road de-icer solutions.
  • High capacity production means lower operator costs, lower cost per gallon produced and greater capacity to keep up to peak demand.
  • Simplicity of design and operation allows for no special training and a variety of operators.   

BARR is a leader in producing the most efficient designs and packages for complete Salt Brine Solution Production, Handling and Spray Applicating Systems  -  for more information, please contact us!


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