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45° Bottom Discharge Hopper Bins

Bottom Discharge Cone Bottom Hopper Bins at BARR Plastics

45° Bottom Discharge Hopper Bins

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CFIA and FDA approved hopper bins are manufactured of food grade high density polyethylene for use in food processing facilities and food contact. The steep 45º angle on these hoppers allows fast and easy "free-flow" for complete discharge of granuals and other materials. The bins' lightweight construction and 4-way forklift or pallet jack entry allows for cost-effective transport and easy loading while their extra thick corners and floor resist impact and wear. Plus, they're stackable 2-high when full and 4-high when empty. 

The innovative design on all hoppers permits workers access to the discharge valve without reaching under the hopper. The removable top on the 8090 allows easy hopper loading and clean-up and the closed top on 8091/8092 prevents moisture absorption. Additionally,  8096 models have larger 48" x 48" footprint and capacity with bottom discharge openings of  12" diameter standard and 8" optional.   


  • Discharge sleeve with drawstring
  • Slidegate  
  • Flange Adapter
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Item / DescriptionCapacity
Height (Inches)MaterialTare WeightPart # / Drawing
USGLTRCubic FeetLbs/Kgs
OPEN TOP w/ HD shoe box type lidN/AN/A352000 lbs / 907 kg44"44"50"HDPE175 lbs8090
CLOSED TOP w/16" LidN/AN/A201200 lbs / 544 kg44"44"40"HDPE140 lbs8091
CLOSED TOP w/16" LidN/AN/A272000 lbs / 907 kg44"44"50"HDPE175 lbs8092
OPEN TOP w/ HD shoe box type lidN/AN/A352000 lbs / 907 kg48"48"52"HDPE235 lbs8096-1
OPEN TOP w/ HD shoe box type lidN/AN/A452000 lbs / 907 kg48"48"64"HDPE285lbs8096-2

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