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Blue PVC Light Duty Layflat Discharge Hose

Blue Layflat PVC Discharge Hose at BARR Plastics

Blue PVC Light Duty Layflat Discharge Hose

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  • NL2410 Blue PVC layflat is a thin, light wall hose designed for draining water or very light duty, temporary jobs (NOT for use with air and not for food grade applications).
  • Designed for applications where external abuse is limited.
  • It is commonly used for pump discharge in the Rental House or construction industry.
  • We do not recommend using layflat style hoses for general washdown, as it will not withstand abrasion, dragging, or abuse.
  • Temperature Range: -15°C (-5°F) to +55°C (131°F).
  • Construction: Spiral and longitudinal wrapped polyester yarn, embedded and coated with PVC.
  • Typical Fittings: Camlocks, short shanks, forestry or threaded fire hose expansion ends, pinch clamps.
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Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
NL2410-0753/4300 ft6651
NL2410-1001300 ft6647
NL2410-1251-1/4300 ft6649
NL2410-1501-1/2300 ft6650
NL2410-2002300 ft6652
NL2410-2502-1/2300 ft6653
NL2410-3003300 ft6654
NL2410-4004300 ft6655
NL2410-6006300 ft6658
NL2410-8008300 ft6657
NL2410-100010300 ft6659
NL2410-120012100 ft6660
NL2410-140014100 ft6661

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