The Ecobloc: A Stormwater Solution Like Never Before

The Ecobloc: A Stormwater Solution Like Never Before

The GRAF EcoBloc Flex has now hit the stormwater management and rainwater harvesting market as the premier product of its kind. With its modular nature, the Ecobloc Flex is adaptable for almost any onsite configuration, with key features outlined as follows:

• The Ecobloc can be installed from one layer to 14 layers, up to 16.5 feet deep
• It can handle up to 60 tons of vehicle loading with 31.5 inches minimum earth cover
• It can be laid out in odd shaped configurations to accommodate tight site locations
• All blocks interconnect to create one large cohesive structure
• The Ecobloc has three times the capacity of a typical rock pit infiltration system
• It effectively prevents soil infiltration thanks to a geo-cloth
• It requires substantially less backfill material and space than tunnel type products

One other major advantage of the EcoBloc Flex is the ease and speed of installation. On job sites, labour is often a higher cost factor than materials but the EcoBloc Flex installs up to nine times faster than similar products on the market, adding up to huge savings overall.

The system uses interconnected base plates to create the base layout, on which you then continue to stack one block on top of the other. That’s right; there’s no need to assemble many different components as each block comes as one piece. Each block is then connected to the next by a plastic clip pushed in by hand, creating an even larger block. You don’t have to continually wrestle with loose blocks trying to keep them in place; when the main block is complete, the end plates easily clip in to place.

Pipe connections up to 8 inches are easily installed via the cut-outs in the sides of the blocks. Larger pipe connections can be made with the Vario shaft system, with penetrations made up to 16 inches. The Vario shaft also allows for access to the block matrix for camera inspections or pressure jetting. Furthermore, filter baskets can be installed in the Vario shaft to prevent debris or fine particles form entering the system.

Another advantage of the Ecobloc is the ease of transport it provides. Up to 100,000 litres can be shipped in a standard 40 foot container. This makes the EcoBloc cost-effective to ship anywhere in the world.

The high quality design and usability of the EcoBloc Flex is sure to make it the stormwater management product of choice for site service contractors everywhere.

Use the Ecobloc in your next project! Check out the BARR website to learn more: http://www.barrplastics.com/graf-ecobloc-flex.html

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