EcoBloc Maxx: Stormwater Infiltration

EcoBloc Maxx: Stormwater Infiltration

We recently completed a fantastic project at Baycrest On The Rise in Coquitlam, BC. This stormwater management system utilizes the EcoBloc Maxx for infiltration purposes.

Infiltration systems help to control water runoff from various sources by directing the runoff into a pump or chamber, where the water is then gradually reintroduced into the ground. This helps to stabilize water flow and stability of native soils, maintaining the structural integrity of the ground and surrounding area.

These photos show close-ups of the layer of baseplates that provide the base of the following block layers. Each of the pieces are secured with additional connection pieces.

The next steps are to finish the securing of end plates to the layers of ecobloc and the installation of pipe connections and adapter plates.

Once pipe connections have been secured, an inspection pipe is installed and the entire tank system is wrapped in geotextile and then filled with gravel.

Check back for more great project highlights! Visit our website for more information on the Graf EcoBloc Maxx.

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