GRAF EcoBloc Stormwater Management System Overview

GRAF EcoBloc Stormwater Management System Overview

Rain season hasn't quite hit here in Abbotsford, which might be a good thing since last year we experience heavy flooding.

That being said, we wanted to take some time and go over our stormwater systems, which help with both residential and commercial locations deal with an large amounts of rainwater. If you are not aware, check out our blog on the risks of stormwater.

Today we'll be going over one of our most popular stormwater management systems: GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart.

System Overview Video

For anyone that prefers video over text, we recently posted an amazing video done by GRAF Australia, going over all the same aspects we will be talking about today.

Now on to each separate aspect of our modular stormwater system!

Storage Volume

The first thing to go over is EcoBloc's incredible storage capacity. When compared to traditional gravel ditch, EcoBloc Inspect Smart modules are able to hold three times as much water.

This level of efficiency reduces cost of excavation and keeps the footprint of our systems to a minimum.Picture of EcoBloc Stormwater Block 3D rendering. It indicates the module can handle 211 litres of internal volume.

Nesting Design

One of the key design advantages our modules have is their unique nesting ability ultimately saving costs on shipping. By turning each module 90 degrees, the legs of each module nest into each other and can be stacked into a pallet.

For larger projects, EcoBloc Smart modules will cut costs during delivery and take up minimal space on the job site.

Click-on Design

Next, EcoBloc has an incredibly simple assembly process with its click-on design. After the base plates have been placed and assembled, each new EcoBloc modules clicks on top of the next.

This click-on design requires little-to-no training and reduces the cost of labour by being so efficient. Additionally, our team is always a phone call away for any questions on assembling our system.

Inspection Tunnels

One of the biggest advantages our EcoBloc system offers is the integrated inspection tunnels. Great for routine health checks, checking the system for blockages or damage, and amazing for flushing out the system.

Additionally, the entrance to the inspection tunnels, A.K.A. shafts, can be positioned anywhere in the tank where it is desired. Our team provides recommendations, but experienced engineers may want a specific layout with our system.

Pipe Adapters

Our ecobloc system is specifically designed to be extremely flexible when it comes to pipe adaptions to other systems. Diameters from 4" to 21" are supported and can be easily installed and sealed.


EcoBloc Inspect Smart has three module styles for separate applications. Each module style is capable of handling different loading weights. Our standard Smart model is capable of handling up to 60 tons of weight while the Smart Plus is capable of handling anything above 60 tons.

For special applications, the Smart Ultra module is capable of handling special applications with load areas over HS-25 loading.

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