EcoBloc smart Installation

EcoBloc smart Installation

Introducing the next generation of GRAF infiltration ditch modules. The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect Smart is a versatile system, able to be used for stormwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting. Ecobloc Inspect Smart is a combination of the best features from Maxx (logistics efficiency) & Inspect Flex ( HS25 loading, access for clean/inspection), all in one complete system.

This new generation of block offer numerous advantages and upgrades to the process, making shipping and installation easier and quicker, allowing for a wider variety of installation depth options, and making inspection and connections easier than ever before.

Another one for the books! We had another installation of the brand new EcoBloc Inspect smart at a site in Abbotsford, BC. This site features a 250 cu. m. tank for stormwater detention.

Take a look at some of the great photos and video from our site visit:

The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect smart is a fusion of the Inspect flex and Maxx blocks, combining the best features of both for a superior stormwater block that does it all. The patented design offers space-saving advantages throughout the logistics chain, saving considerably on storage and shipping. These blocks are also designed to be labour-saving through simple and effortless installation; the straightforward "click"-together system enables faster assembly than ever before with less effort.

This block also offers a host of new benefits:

• Suitable for HS-25 vehicle loading
• Up to 7.5m burial depth (dependent on block model)
• Built with inspection channels for inspection and high pressure cleaning
• Installations deeper han 7.5m can be approved on a project-specific basis or realized with the aid of special construction measures.
• Smart shipping logistics fit more product into a single shipment or storage space

Our Stormwater Management Division can help you make an educated decision and provide more detailed technical information about this product line. Contact us today for more information on this system!

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