Case Study: Abbotsford TRADEX

Case Study: Abbotsford TRADEX

Project Team
Supplier: Barr Plastics
Operator: Abbotsford Water and Sewer Services

SWM City Policy

BARR Product
Total capacity was 8000 usg. 30,000 L. Custom Rain Water Harvesting tank with twin external Optimax Filters

The Project
We worked with Abbotsford Water & Sewer Services to create a 8,000 USG ASTM rated poly tank system with engineered seismic tie downs. This custom rainwater system collects from 48,000 sq.ft. of roof area to collect up to 1.6 million US gallons per year to flush over 30 bathroom fixtures. It was designed to meet the demands of a tradeshow day which can commonly use up to 8000 US gallons.

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