Water Quality after Building Shutdown

Water Quality after Building Shutdown

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and doubt to many businesses, especially considering their re-open as Canada begins to move towards more business activity in phase 2. Water quality is something that might be overlooked in the wake of the new preventative measures that business owners are now needing to implement in order to return to some form of operations where the public and staff are involved.

Click the link HERE to listen to a free webinar from the CWQA (Canadian Water Quality Association) for helpful information on water quality after a long shutdown. Business owners intent on a smooth transition to phase 2 and the re-opening of their establishment may accidentally overlook the possibility of contaminated water, especially if water is only used by employees or offered very rarely to clientele.

Water quality can be hugely affected during the down-time of a closure - equipment could require maintenance or repair that has been neglected due to quarantine measures. This is especially important if your building provides water regularly to the public; a water quality check could avoid accidental ingestion of water with an elevated concentration of nickel, copper, etc. The health and safety of people is paramount, and can be kept in check by ensuring that the water quality is tested before people use the water for drinking, cooking, or even for other purposes. It's crucial that water quality also be included in the health and safety measures that are at the forefront of a re-opening.

Some technical difficulties happened during this webinar, but have a listen and take a look at the slides for some insightful and important information. Continue to be cautious as BC moves forward with the re-opening of the province; stay safe and make sure to include water quality checks as a part of your re-open checklist!

Below are some resources to find water testing kits or other methods of testing drinking water:

Water Test Kits: https://www.thespruce.com/best-water-testing-kits-4155794

Water Filter Reports: https://www.consumerreports.org/water-quality/how-to-test-your-tap-water/

EPA Home Water Testing: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-11/documents/2005_09_14_faq_fs_homewatertesting.pdf

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