Honour House Society Custom Fabrication Project

Honour House Society Custom Fabrication Project

We recently wrapped up a project for Honour House Society, an organization in Metro Vancouver that provides housing for members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, and Emergency Services Personnel while they are receiving medical care and treatment.

System Overview

The project required firefighting and dust control applications via our 1035 USG elliptical tank system. A custom fabricated plastic skid was fitted to a 1035 USG self-loading dump box unit with an 85 PSI high-pressure pump. The pump is capable of shooting at least 80', and the plumbing comes standard with two discharge connections. A brass spray nozzle was also fitted to the tank to provide a method of wide spray for dust control and road wetting.

Additionally, our client purchased two 5,000 USG potable water storage tanks with 2" valves fitted to the bottom. These are for water storage, allowing a quick connection the firefighting units for refilling. A pump inlet was provided with an option to connect to fill it from those tanks as well as the floating suction capability by simply connecting the floating suction with a male camlock on it to the suction hose.

We provided the option of an extension cable through the cab of the truck for the skid unit, allowing for easily accessible on-off switch operation. Though this is something we typically only provide for pickup truck systems, we were able to accommodate this feature to make the operation smoother.

The full skid size ended up 115" long and 82" wide, fitting snugly into the back of the trucks that are being used permanently for the system. The tank was also set back 24-26" from the end of the skid to allow for depth of the plumbing plate. This unit can easily be tied down into the truck; a chain load binder was recommended for a more permanent solution. This fit allowed for a small amount of intentional overhang that put the brass spray nozzle in the perfect position for road wetting/dust control.


We provided a detailed list of instructions for each of the system components to our clients as well. Curious about the function of each? Check out the below diagram for operations instructions:

Green Circle – This valve should be left in the position as shown in regular operation whether using it for dust control or using the fire hose discharge. This leaves the valve partially open, which allows minor water flow back to the tank. This protects the pump from running and heating the water in the pump head or pressure spiking the pump head. When filling the tank with the pump you will need to fully open this valve (handle will be in line with the hose – closed is the handle perpendicular to the hose going up) as it allows full 2” flow from the pump discharge to fill the tank quickly.

Yellow Circle – This is the 12V valve which is controlled by the on/off switch which extends into the cab and plugs into the cigarette lighter. The hose from the trailer hitch attachment needs to be connected to this which is just a simple camlock connection. If the hose is too long it could be bent or even cut shorter if needed.

Grey Circle – The cable we supplied in the cardboard box plugs into the visible connection at the back of the skid for controlling the on/0ff valve.

Red Circle – This valve selects where the pump will draw from, either from the tank or an external source. 30’ hose with female camlock connections provided on each end so that the floating suction end piece could be attached (alternatively it could be attached to a water tank to draw from).

Blue Circle – This is an extra tank fill valve if you ever wanted to fill the tank using an external pump to connect to the tank.

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