The Best Time to Shop for Dock Floats is in Fall. Here's Why.

The Best Time to Shop for Dock Floats is in Fall. Here's Why.

With a large resurgence of dock/marina visits this past summer due to pandemic regulations being lifted, there has been a noticeable surge in dock float demand.

Sources: UPWARD TREND:Bahamas marinas at 95 percent pre-pandemic performance

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Alongside the traffic, we have also seen more contractors get into the dock/marina building industry. With that in mind, today we wanted to go over why the fall season is the best time to shop for dock floats. There are 5 big reasons why you should do your shopping in the off-season:

  • Less Overall Demand
  • Shorter Lead times
  • Truckload Discounts
  • Inflation
  • Building Preparation

If you are a new dock / marina builder contractor, it's in your best interest to shop in the off season. The biggest benefit is pricing and preparation. Next, we will go into detail for each section.

Less Overall Demand

Compared to our summer season, there is a significant decrease in demand for our dock floats. This year, we saw a huge increase in the demand of our DIY Dock Kits, which in turn create a shortage on our popular floats.

The biggest drawback for contractors buying during peak season is:

  1. Price increases due to short supply.
  2. Long lead times for popular sizes due to an increase in orders.

Contractors can avoid these drawbacks buy shopping in the fall season.

Shorter Lead Times

While overall we do stock fewer total floats on our yard since demand does decrease, if you are looking for a specific size that we have run out off, the fall season has another advantage:shorter lead times.

Instead of the usual 6-8 weeks during summer, you can expect anywhere from 2-6 weeks for common sized floats.

Truckload Discounts

During summer, with how much we saw product prices increase, truckload discounts borderline disappeared.

Now that demand has fallen, we are able to offer contractors truckload discounts once again. Get in touch for a free quote!


Source: Canadian Inflation Cools But Hot Core Keeps Up Rate Pressure

It is no secret that inflation has been driving prices up dramatically in Canada. The impact has already hit our dock floats products, with prices increasing substantially. What it may do in the future is uncertain, but there is a silver lining.

Our dock floats are incredibly durable.

Each float is a single piece, rotomolded virgin polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors to prevent leaks, separation, and damage caused by the sun, debris, oil, gas, marine organisms, salt, and fresh water.

This durability doubles down for long-term storage. Performance should see no impact if you buy floats when their prices are lower and install them at a later date.

Building Preparation

Now to move away from financials, the other big benefit of preparing products during the fall is time savings.

Dock demand typically peaks during the late spring / early summer seasons but can easily pick up earlier. Having floats on hand that are ready to go for any project that comes your way is a must have. Instead of having to gamble on your supplier having the correct dock floats in stock, having a good inventory will come a long way when demand peaks.

Hopefully we made a strong case for shopping for your dock floats during the fall, especially if you are a contractor. If you ever had any questions regarding building docks or dock floats, give us a call!

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