Air-Filled vs Foam-Filled Dock Floats

Air-Filled vs Foam-Filled Dock Floats

Whether you are starting from scratch building your dock or fixing an existing structure, Barr Plastics has floats for both. The different types of floats we offer serve different purposes depending on how you're constructing your dock and if you're planning on expanding your dock in the future.

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Foam floats (closed cell EPS foam injected)

When Should I Use Foam-filled Floats?
Starting a dock project from scratch? Foam filled flotation is your best option if you're just getting started. Foam filled billets are typically a good choice for those building a floating dock on the land and moving into the water after building is completed. Foam filled floats provide strength and longevity to your dock building project that promises years of life and stability. Foam filled billets are great for starting from the beginning on shore or in the water to provide additional durability to your dock building project.

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Our foam-filled billets are ACOE-approved with a 15-year warranty, providing peace of mind and a guarantee you can count on. The EPS-injection method also offers protection from sinking if the plastic shell encounters damage. These tough shells, however, are rarely compromised; the UV-resistant polyethylene material, a one-piece roto-molded shell, is extremely durable and particularly resilient when it comes to rough water and other environmental damage. You can rest assured knowing that these floats' solid shells are keeping your foam core fully protected from salt water, gasoline, rough waters, chemicals, and the harshest of weather conditions. Molded-in attachment sections Foam-filled floats are also relatively lightweight, making your installation smoother and quicker than with comparable systems.

Heavy Duty Boat Lift Air Tank Floats

When Should I Use Air-filled Floats?
Thinking of renovating or extending your dock? Air-filled flotation is probably the best choice! If you have an existing structure you need to add buoyancy to, HD air tanks are the perfect addition to your current dock; these floats are built to provide additional reinforcement, flotation, and stability to a dock that you want to extend or add support to. If you are building an entirely new structure, you'll likely want to start with foam-filled floats.

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Air-filled floats are even more lightweight that foam-filled floats, providing flexibility for installation and making this an easy way to extend your existing dock. These floats are one-piece roto-molded virgin grade polyethylene with a heavy-duty 3/8" wall thickness for guaranteed structural integrity.

Molded-in mounting holes in the top and bottom allow water intake and exhaust, while the top of the float drum has molded-in grooves for mounting to lift. Threaded inserts are also included for commercial fittings. As with our other dock floats here at BARR, these boat lift air filled dock floats are resistant to UV rays and damage by animals, ice, bumps by watercraft and contact deterioration from petroleum products.

Interested but need more information? Contact us today to talk to a dock building specialist! We'll work with you to provide exactly what you need based on where you are in your dock-building project, provide advice, and work with your budget to make sure you get everything you need at the right price.

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