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Aluminum Stationary Dock Lift Ladders

Aluminum Stationary Dock Lift Ladders at BARR Plastics

Aluminum Stationary Dock Lift Ladders

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These retractable ladders are perfect for seawalls and stationary docks with fluctuating water lines and serve as a great safety feature for commercial marinas for accidental fall-ins. They have a fixed section of ladder that extends down from the top surface of the dock approximately 28” and a retractable extension section to pull up and out of the water to avoid marine growth. Extend when on the dock or in the water. Made from marine-grade aluminum, giving them long-lasting durability.

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Part # / Model Size(in) [LxW] Description Weight (lbs)
LL-362 x 21Lift Ladder - 3 Step21
LL-462 x 21Lift Ladder - 4 Step23
LL-562 x 21Lift Ladder - 5 Step28
LL-662 x 21Lift Ladder - 6 Step30
LL-772 x 21Lift Ladder - 7 Step33

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