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GRAF One2Clean Wastewater Treatment System

GRAF One2Clean Wastewater Treatment System

GRAF One2Clean Wastewater Treatment System

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A reliable wastewater disposal system no longer needs to be complicated. With the One2Clean, you’ll be able to take responsibility for the timely disposal of your wastewater while taking care of your budget and the environment. The One2Clean is an advanced development of the proven SBR wastewater treatment technology, with considerable advantages in terms of operating costs and safety.

  • Only ONE tank with only ONE chamber required
  • Less energy consumption and less wear
  • No mechanical elements in the wastewater
  • No pumps in the wastewater
  • No electrical components in the wastewater
  • Incredibly little sewage sludge-aeration of entire wastewater tank
  • Minimum maintenance costs-simple construction, high quality components
  • Minimum power consumption-only 75 kWh per person, per year!
  • Tank comes in two stackable pieces for low-cost transportation
  • Odourless. The entire system is immediately activated with oxygen using unique One2Clean technology

For inlet and outlet heights please see the literature document below.

These systems are intended for contractors and we highly recommend proper design and engineer consultation for all projects.

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One2Clean Systems:

Capacity Daily FlowLength
(in / mm)
(in / mm)
Part #
DescriptionWeight (lbs)
One Reservoir Systems
7005902700450 LPD66.5 / 169081.9 / 2080 106850
One Res. One2Clean System
9908203750750 LPD74 / 188089.8 / 2280106851
One Res. One2Clean System
1270105048001050 LPD83 / 211089.8 / 2280106852
One Res. One2Clean System
1720143065001350 LPD94.1 / 239089.8 / 2280106853
One Res. One2Clean System
Two Reservoir Systems
1420119054001050 LPD66.5 / 1690184 / 4660106854
Two Res. One2Clean System
2 x 265 (430)
1980165075001500 LPD74/ 1880199 / 5060106855
Two Res. One2Clean System
2 x 330 (660)
2540210096002100 LPD83 / 2110199 / 5060106856
Two Res. One2Clean System
2 x 410 (820)
34302860130002700 LPD94.1 / 2390208 / 5280106857
Two Res. One2Clean System
2 x 485 (970)

Cleaning Performance Values:

Wastewater Parameter Cleaning PerformanceEfficiency Factor
COD (chemical oxygen demand)26 mg/l96%
BOD5 (biochemical oxygen demand)5 mg/l99%
NH4-N (ammonium nitrogen)0.4 mg/l99%
Ntot (total nitrogen)13 mg/l79%
TSS (total suspended solids)6 mg/l98%

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