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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems
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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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As is often the case, Commercial / Industrial Systems are often larger in scope, sometimes subject to more stringent public requirements and may require some more sophistication in design and componentry.

These systems are commonly used for toilet and urinal flushing , process water in manufacturing facilities, heating & cooling applications and irrigation

Most common with Commercial / Industrial Rainwater System installations is the use of belowground GRAF brand Filter Chambers and multiple GRAF CARAT Tanks linked together or larger ZCL brand FRP below ground tanks configured as required to accommodate the larger roof areas and higher flow and volume requirements.

Both larger FRP below ground tanks and the GRAF Plastic CARAT tanks provide broad versatility and flexibility in installation over concrete and metal tanks such as: Ease of fitting placements and penetrations done right on site to suit site specific requirements and best fit; lower weight of tanks allow for smaller less costly equipment for transport and placement; can be located where other tank types are simply not practical or even possible to place; can allow for flexibility in the installation schedule due to ease of placement with equipment on-site - with CARAT tanks place-able by hand if necessary; highly corrosion resistant; leak-free and repairable.

Due to the custom configurations available with this product, we will work with you to create a package that suits your specific needs. Give us a call at 1-800-665-4499 today

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Essentials of a Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System:

  • Rain Head Filtering devices such as the Leaf Eater™, Clean Rain™ or galvanized metal commercial rain heads
  • 12” First Flush Diverter Chambers (above or below ground)
  • Below Ground Filter Chambers - most common with commercial installations and especially where external above ground filters and diverters are not practical or preferred to be in view.
  • Storage Tanks - Plastic above ground or Plastic and FRP below ground - food grade.
  • Calming Inlet Assy. – to prevent incoming water flow from stirring up any ultra-fine sediment and for introducing oxygen into the tank water to keep it fresh.
  • Quality, reliable Pumping and Control System. Most often, a submersible pump(s) is placed in commercial below ground systems followed by an additional booster pump(s) located indoors to deliver higher pressure and flow as required.
  • Floating Suction Assembly to ensure water is drawn from the cleanest area located just below the surface.
  • Overflow Siphon Assembly to help skim any floating contaminants off the surface of the water when tank reaches full during a rain event - therefore overflowing within the tank is a key part of recycling, cleaning and refreshing the tank contents.
  • Plumbing & Treatment Package for further fine Filtration, Treatment and Distribution of the rainwater for the desired uses as necessary.