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Polylok Manway & D-Box Risers

Poly Lok Manway & D-box Risers and Lids at BARR Plastics

Polylok Manway & D-Box Risers

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These risers can be cast into concrete or used with the Polylok Distribution Box. They come with your choice of a flat cover, galvanized steel grate, plastic grate or with an inspection port. They feature structural ribs on the inside so frost cannot adhere to them in frost-prone areas. Additionally, they’ll hold their shape, are stackable, screw together and are watertight and airtight.

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Part #Description
PL-RSR120612" x 6" Polylok Riser
PL-RSR200620" x 6" Polylok Riser
PL-RSR240624" x 6" Polylok Riser
PL-RSR201220" x 12" Polylok Riser
PL-RSR241224" x 12" Polylok Riser
PL-RSR20RING20" Riser Adapter Ring
PL-RSR24RING24" Riser Adapter Ring
PL-RSR20/24RING24"/20" Riser Adapter Ring
PL-RSRBASERiser Sump Base Assembly
PL-SAFE2020" Safety Screen
PL-SAFE2424" Safety Screen

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