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Nylon Safety Cleats

Nylon Safety Cleats at BARR Plastics in Abbotsford, BC

Nylon Safety Cleats

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Just like the aluminum models shown above, these cleats can lay down flat when not in use. Made of a nylon composite, they are strong and durable. With angled sides, they can even be driven over when folded down. Will not rust or corrode. Can bolt to existing boat docks or any other flat surface, such as truck beds, trailers, garages, and much more. They use 1/4” fasteners and are available in black or white.

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Part #
/ Model
Description Cleat Size (in) Tie-Down Hole in Cleat Base Size (in) Corner Mounting
Hole Dimensions
Mounting Hardware Weight (lbs)
B6001Black Nylon Fold-Down Safety Cleat 61.0"10" x 6.5" x 1.25"8" x 4.5" (center-to-center)1/4" (lag screw or hex head)1.7 lbs
W6000White Nylon Fold-Down Safety Cleat61.0"10" x 6.5" x 1.25"8" x 4.5" (center-to-center)1/4" (lag screw or hex head)1.7 lbs
B9001Black Nylon Fold-Down Safety Cleat91.5"12.875" x 6.625" x 1.25"11" x 4.75" 5/16" **1.8 lbs
W9000White Nylon Fold-Down Safety Cleat - Can be fully hidden when not in use, uses 1/4 fasteners91.5"12.875" x 6.625" x 1.25"11" x 4.75"5/16" **1.8 lbs

** Not included - hardware varies with application


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