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IBC Tote Fittings & Accessories

IBC Tote Fittings & Accessories
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Part # Box Quantity Description
WSF210242" Poly Spinweld Valve w/ QDC Outlet (Santoprene Gasket)
WSMT210242" Poly Spinwled Valve w/ NPT Outlet (Santoprene Gasket)
TL650E16" Solid Tank Lid w/ EPDM Gasket
TL651E16" Tank Lid w/ Unvented 2" Plug w/ EPDM Gasket
TL652S16" Tank Lid w/ Vented 2" Plug w/ Santoprene Gasket
TL652E16" Tank Lid w/ Vented 2" Plug w/ EPDM Gasket
TA28312" Buttress x 2" Male NPT Threads w/ Santoprene Gasket
TA283QD12" Buttress x 2" Male Adapter QDC w/ Santoprene Gasket
201FPT12" Female NPT Cap
60FDIN160MM DIN Cap (Buttress Thread)
V20207111" Polyurethane Lanyard
200CAP12" Camlock Dust Cap
202CAP12" Camlock Dust Cap
760DOTV2"Combination Pressure / Vacuum Vent Valve w/ Viton Gasket, 4.0PSI Pressure Relief
ANTPW3412" FPT x 3/4" MGHT
AQDW3412" FC x 3/4" MGHT
ABFW3412" Female Buttress x 3/4" MGHT
A2BF2NM12" Female Buttress x 2" BSP
A2BFQD2-E12" Female Buttress x 2" MC

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