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GRAF Heavy Duty Pump Chambers

GRAF Heavy Duty Pump Chambers at BARR Plastics

GRAF Heavy Duty Pump Chambers

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These German-engineered tanks are suitable to be buried up to 1.2 meters (about 4 feet) and can handle H5 vehicle loading up to 3.5 metric tons or approximately 8000 lbs. per axle. They're suitable for colder climates and areas with occasional high water table up to mid tank level when tank is empty (up to top of tank for the 2700, 3750 and 4800 L models).

These pump chambers feature the lowest shipping and handling cost of any tank line. Tanks consist of 2 identical half-shells to fit 5-9 tanks per pallet and allow for up to 8 times the volume of tanks to be shipped at once.

These CARAT tanks feature multi-adjustable manway assemblies with unique telescoping top shafts, allowing for vertical height adjustment of approximately 12". and come with high quality, reliable seals. The telescoping shaft is topped off with a durable Polypro lid (cast iron for vehicle loading) and an outer flange that adjusts to up to a 5 degree slope and sits neat and flush with the finished grade.

Unlike some other belowground plastic tanks and pump chambers, the CARAT remains rigid and true including the manway assembly when being back-filled (when installed to guidelines). Multiple fitting locations and internal baffle configurations are available, allowing for easy linking of tanks for higher volume and for customized applications. Integrated rainwater, stormwater and wastewater system packages are also available, all easily installed into these versatile CARAT tanks.

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CapacityPart # / DrawingDia./ Width (in)
Length (in)
Height (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
Fitting (in)
Weight (lbs)
USGIGLTRPremium Weight 1.5-1.7 SGHeavy Weight 1.9 SG
7005832700N/A 372024618255.131.5N/A265

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