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Elliptical Full Drain Tanks  (Skid Required) & Accessories

Elliptical Full Drain Plastic Tanks at BARR Plastics

Elliptical Full Drain Tanks (Skid Required) & Accessories

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These Elliptical Full Drain Tanks feature a low profile design and low centre of gravity for excellent visibility in the field and increased stability when towed. They're designed for use with spraying equipment for larger volume applicator needs and must be used with the appropriate skid - See table below.

The tanks are manufactured with UV inhibitors so they remain durable for a long life. A deep sump permits complete drainage and the tanks and feature an 8" or 16" fill-opening depending on model. Standard white tanks are also translucent for easy level viewing.

For full anti-surge protection and safety in transport, check out the product page, Baffle Balls-Liquid Surge Stabilizers . All tanks are available with a wide variety of fittings, accessories and add-ons. To find your required accessories, view Valves, Fittings, Pumps and Hose & Hose Clamps or contact BARR for assistance in selecting the best products for your application.

BARR can design and produce complete skid-mounted liquid handling systems using these and the Elliptical Leg Tanks, for such applications as Brine De-Icer Spray Systems, Dust Control Units, multi-use wash, water transfer,  fire fighting assemblies and more. To see some of the options we offer in custom fabrication, see the photo gallery in  Skid Mounted Handling Systems.

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Elliptical Tanks
Click on Part # to view tank drawing
CapacityPart # / DrawingWidth (in)
Overall Height Including SumpLength (in)
Sump Depth (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
 Outlet/  Drain (in)  Weight (lbs)
 USG  IG  LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SGHeavy Weight 1.9 SG
20016775741252N/A4030663/481-1/4 / 1-1/482
300250113640327N/A4836703161-1/4 / 1-1/4114
4003331514HE0400-57N/A5736702-1/283/4 / 1-1/2127
500416189340328N/A5744825161-1/4 / 1-1/4154
5004161893HED0500-57 ^N/A5736828-1/283/4 / 1-1/2163
7506252839HED0750-69 ^N/A6942898-1/2161-1/4 / 2220
8507083218HE0850-69 ^N/A6946892-1/2161-1/4 / 2246
8507083218HED0850-69 ^N/A6946898-1/2161-1/4 / 2246
10008333785HED1000-78 **^N/A7849908-1/2161-1/4 / 2285
125010414732HE1250-78 +^N/A7860922-1/2161-1/4 / 2400
125010414732HED1250-78 +^N/A7860928-1/2161-1/4 / 2400
1600 1332605747111 *N/A78541382-1/2162425
160013326057HED1600-78 +^N/A78491386162439
* = Includes 1 stainless steel baffle
** = Baffle option available
+ = Baffle system standard
^ = Center sump option available
Elliptical Tank Skids
 Unit consist of a black skid and appropriate bands and hardware to support the tank.
Part # Size Description Weight (lbs.)
6301524" x 57"Skid & accessories for 200 USG Elliptical Tank #4125296
6301634" x 54-1/4"Skid & accessories for 300 USG Elliptical Tank #40327115
HE0400-C43-3/4" x 56"Skid & accessories for 400 USG Elliptical Tank #HE0400-57190
6301834" x 68"Skid & accessories for 500 USG Elliptical Tank #40328170
HE0500-C43-11/16" x 68"Skid & accessories for 500 USG Elliptical Tank #HED0500-57202
6037138" x 78"Skid & accessories for 750 USG Elliptical Tank #40329208
HE0750-C58" x 74"Skid & accessories for 750 USG Elliptical Tank #HED0750-69405
HE0850-C58" x 74"Skid & accessories for 850 USG Elliptical Tank #HE0850-69 / HED0850-69 408
6037246" x 72"Skid & accessories for 1000 USG Elliptical Tank #40330232
HE1000-C66-11/16" x 74"Skid & accessories for 1000 USG Elliptical Tank #HED1000-78515
HE1250-C66-11/16" x 74"Skid & accessories for 1250 USG Elliptical Tank #HE1250-78 / HED1250-78520
HE1600-C34" x 114-1/4"Skid & accessories for 1600 USG Elliptical Tank #HED1600-78578

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