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Contractor Brine Makers

Contractor Brine Makers

Contractor Brine Makers

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BARR has created a new SBS300 Brine Maker designed especially for Facilities Maintenance Contractors who want to change from using dry Salt for parking lot and laneway de-icing to liquid salt brine solution.

Compact, economical, high production, professional grade Brine Maker made to suit Contractors needs for simple operation and fast, easy and consistent production of 23% liquid salt solution for fighting snow and ice.

Fitted with a 7' wide loading hopper that accommodates Bobcats and other Skid Steer machines and smaller front end loaders for easy and quick bulk salt loading into the Brine Maker.

The SBS300 comes with a 1550 Gal. Batch Tank and is ready to connect power and water to start production immediately, with an onboard high flow transfer pump to load truck mounted sprayer units and is all most contractors will need for producing and storing 23 % brine solution, ready for use.

BARR also manufactures a variety of Roadway de-icing, anti-icing & pre-wet spray applicator units as well to go with your Brine Maker to provide a complete, highly effective and easy to operate roadway de-icing system that will dramatically improve service to your customers and your bottom line.

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