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Batch Tanks & Accessories

Batch Mixing and Agitating Tanks at BARR Plastics

Batch Tanks & Accessories

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Batch tanks are designed for indoor applications and come in vertical, open top vertical, cone bottom and open top cone bottom models. Features include 8" lids, one standard fitting and a hinged lid is also available for open top styles. Tanks are manufactured with UV inhibitors and will contain liquids up to 2.0 specific gravity. Tank walls are marked with litre and gallon indicators and are translucent for easy level viewing.

Both polyethylene and metal stands are available for all batch tanks. BARR can also customize these vessels to provide a complete liquid handling system - including additions such as mounting fixtures and equipment for agitation, mixing and aeration, internal and external piping, custom sized and configured steel stands and a variety of standard or specialized Fittings, Pumps, Valves and Hose & Hose Clamps. See our Custom Modified Plastic Tanks fabrication gallery.

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Batch Tanks

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Capacity Part # / Drawing

Dia./ Width (in)

Slope (°) Height (in)
Lid/Fill Opening (in)
Fitting (in)
Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
Vertical - Open Top
5545204OP0055-23 +N/A23N/A368126
10083379OP0100-23 +N/A23N/A628136
145121549OP0145-36 +N/A36N/A398152
200167757OP0200-36 +N/A36N/A5181-1/258
250208946OP0250-36 +N/A36N/A6381-1/276
3252701230OP0325-36 *+N/A36N/A808292
Cone Bottom
5545204CB0055-23 +N/A23153781-1/226
100 83379CB0100-23 +N/A23156381-1/236
145121549CB0145-36 +N/A3615418252
200167757CB0200-36 +N/A3615538278
250208946CB0250-36 +N/A3615658276
3252701230CB0325-36 +N/A3615828292
Cone Bottom - Open Top
145121549OC0145-36 N/A3615438252
200167757OC0200-36 N/A3615558258
250208946OC0250-36 N/A3615698276

* = Syphon tube included

+ = Comes with bolt-on top

Stands & Hinged Lids

Part # Description Weight (lbs)
1950223" Hinged Lid (use with 23" diameter tanks)8
1950536" Hinged Lid (use with 36" diameter tanks)14
OC023-STP ^23" Poly Cone Bottom Stand - 15° (use with 23 " diameter tanks)45
1950623" Poly Vertical Tank Stand Adaptor7
OC036-STP ^36" Poly Cone Bottom Stand - 15° (use with 23 " diameter tanks)92
1950736" Poly Vertical Tank Stand Adaptor15
CB023-15ST23" Metal Stand (use with 23" diameter tanks)37
CB036-15ST36" Metal Stand (use with 36" diameter tanks)84

^ = Adaptor required for use with a Vertical Batch Tank


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