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The Paper IBC

The Paper IBC

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If you’re looking for a completely dependable, economical and environmentally responsible solution to your liquid storage and handling needs, the Paper IBC is a great choice. This IBC is a “one-way” package, so there are no fossil fuels consumed to return the package after dispense and there is no landfill space consumed either as the container is biodegradable, recyclable and waste-to-energy efficient.The PaperIBC container has passed the stringent ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) vibration and shock tests and has met the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) requirements for intermediate bulk containers for liquids. The heavy duty nine ply container is capable of with-standing up to 10,000 lbs of compression force. Plus, these IBC’s come unassembled, significantly reducing your freight costs and using 80% less storage space when not in use.

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Capacity Part # Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Wall Thickness Weight (lbs)
210 176 800 800L 40.5 40.5 36.25 9 ply corrugated. 1 3/4” thick63
265 220 1000 1000L 43 43 40 9 ply corrugated. 1 3/4” thick66
275 229 1041 275G 43 43 41 9 ply corrugated. 1 3/4” thick 66
275 229 1041 275G-GMA 39 47 42 9 ply corrugated. 1 3/4” thick 66

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