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Self Loading Brine Spray Applicator Systems

Self Loading Brine Spray Applicator Systems

Self Loading Brine Spray Applicator Systems

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Self-loading assemblies have retractable legs that they sit on when not loaded onto a truck. To load, the truck is backed up to the unit with a slightly tilted deck which picks up the front end and as the truck is backed up further the front legs fold under the skid which continues to slide onto the truck deck until it is on all the way. The skid is fitted with latch bars that once fully loaded, lock into the tailgate latches to hold the unit in place. Common sizes available range from 750 gallons to 3400 gallons and are most often used with standard dump box trucks.

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  • Made from all quality, corrosion-resistant, durable components.
  • Pump options include commercial Honda gas powered pumps with polypro brine pump heads and hydraulic powered cast iron and stainless steel pump heads.
  • Optional flow meters and GPS speed and flow control devices are available as well to automatically adjust application rates based on truck speed.
  • Spray bar systems for roadway de-icing / anti-icing are most commonly available in one or three lane coverage setups with the spray bars mounted directly to the rear legs of the self-loading skid.
  • Surge and slosh reducing Baffle Balls are available to fill the inside of the tank which virtually eliminate dangerous liquid surge and wear and tear when starting and stopping and turning. A key safety feature.
  • For dust control spraying systems, high volume single and double spray bar systems are available and mounted directly to the skid as well.

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