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2-Way Flange Connect Ball Valves

2 way Flange connect ball valve ar BARR Plastics

2-Way Flange Connect Ball Valves

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  • Designed to connect to Flanged Fittings with SS Clamp and Gasket assy.
  • Great for compact fitting arrangements and provides ease of replacement and repair of parts, as compared to all threaded or glued fitting assemblies.
  • FKM (viton type) seals.
  • PTFE self lubricating stern bushings and seats cannot stick or bind.
  • Precision molded in polypropylene.
  • Self-aligning ball moves freely against the PTFE seats for smooth operation.
  • Ball is diamond turned after molding, to make it spherically perfect.
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Part # Size Box/Case Qty. Description
631243"8Full Port (Flange x Flange)(6 bolt)
MV3003"1Standard Port, FKM(Viton) Seals
MV300CF3"1Full Port, FKM(Viton) Seals
631222"12Full Port, Compact (Flange x Flange)(4 bolts)
MV200CF2"1Full Port, FKM(Viton) Seals
MV220CF2"1Full Port, FKM(Viton) Seals
630271"24Full Port (Flange x Flange) (4 bolts)
MV100CF1"1FKM(Viton) Seals

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