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Wide Step Aluminum Dock Ladders

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Wide Step Aluminum Dock Ladders

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Perfect for floating lake docks and swim platforms, these wide-step ladders are made from marine grade aluminum, making them an economical but high-quality choice. Durable and long-lasting.

The 4 inch wide tread width provides added comfort while boarding or exiting your boat or dock. This wider tread also reduces strain on the bottom of your feet. Extruded with grooves to provide sure footing and reduce slippage.

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Part # / Model Size(in) [LxW] Description Weight (lbs)
STW-350 x 21Wide Step Ladder - 3 Step19
STW-450 x 21Wide Step Ladder - 4 Step22
STW-562 x 21Wide Step Ladder - 5 Step24
STW-672 x 21Wide Step Ladder - 6 Step27
STW-778 x 21Wide Step Ladder - 7 Step29

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