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Welded Tank Wall Fittings

Custom Welded Fittings in your plastic of choice at BARR Plastics in Abbotsford, BC
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Part # Size (in) Box/Case Qty. Description
Flange Adapter Pipe Stubs
HDF0150111-½1DR11 HDPE
HDF0201121DR11 HDPE
HDF0301131DR11 HDPE
HDF0401141DR11 HDPE
HDF0601161DR11 HDPE
HDF0601761DR17 HDPE
HDF0801181DR11 HDPE
HDF0801781DR17 HDPE
HDF1001110DR11 HDPE
HDF10017101DR17 HDPE
HDF12011121DR11 HDPE
Flange Rings
HDBUR0151-½1Cast iron ring
HDBUR02021Cast iron ring
HDBUR020EC21Epoxy coated flange backup ring
HDBUR020P21Poly-encapsulated ring
HDBUR03031Cast iron ring
HDBUR030EC31Epoxy coated flange backup ring
HDBUR030P31Poly-encapsulated ring
HDBUR04041Cast iron ring
HDBUR040P41Flange ring - poly-encapsulated
HDBUR06061Cast iron ring
HDBUR060P61Cast iron ring - poly-encapsulated
HDBUR08081Cast iron ring
HDBUR100101Cast iron ring
HDBUR120121Cast iron ring
HDBUR160161Cast iron ring

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