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Universal 3 Filter Package for Platin

Graf Universal 3 Rainwater Filter Package at BARR Plastics

Universal 3 Filter Package for Platin

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With up to 100% water yield this simple filter solution is designed to save space in the low profile Platin tank, while maintaining the functionality of its counterpart for the Carat S. An exchangable filter housing can be removed or replaced without any tools. There is a minimal 10" offset height between the minimal outlets. This system can manage roof areas up to 4000 sqft and with the optional emergency overflow system, you will know your rainwater is in good hands. It is ideal for use when connecting the tank to a Soak-away.

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Part # / Model Size (inches) (L x W x H) Description Weight (lbs)
340022 22.4 x 22.4 x 19.1 Universal Filter 3 Internal for Platin XL Tank 11